Delicious Rules

You cannot touch our performers inappropriately. Our performer may allow guided touching ie. thighs, buttocks, chest or breasts. This choice is up to the individual performer and you may only touch the areas the performer directs you to touch during the entertainment. You can not touch the waiters or waitresses at all.

No Cameras, Pictures, Video or Phones
No cameras, videos or mobile phones are permitted to be used during the performance. You must seek the performer’s permission if you wish to record the performance in any way. If he/she declines, you must respect this decision. Our performers have families and reputations outside of this industry.

Liability Insurance/Professional Indemnity
Delicious Entertainment acts as a booking agent that engages the services of Independent Contractors. Contractors are not staff. The Contractor is totally responsible for providing their own liability insurance and professional indemnity to adequately cover any liability that the contractor may incur. Delicious Entertainment accepts no responsibility or liability for any action/s of a Contractor in the performance of the Contract with Delicious Entertainment. Put simply – any injury to persons, or damage to property caused by a Contractor is a legal matter solely between the Client and the Contractor.

Manners/Ettiquette and your obligations
It is your obligation as the host to ensure that the Delicious Entertainment performer is safe and free from harm whilst at your venue/event. You cannot throw objects during the performance, insult, curse at or inappropriately grope our performers. Bad Behaviour toward Delicious Entertainment performers will not be tolerated at all and our performers have been instructed to cancel shows at the hirer’s costs if this occurs. There are will be NO REFUNDS.

Any illegal activities present before, during or after shows will not be tolerated.

Our male strippers will perform down to G-strings only where males are present at functions. And some of our males will not perform in front of males at all, so you must inform us if males will be present at your party so that we can send a performer who is agreeable to mixed crowds. The “Full Monty” nude male show is strictly for female audiences only.

If you break the rules, the show will be stopped and no refund will be given. Please explain this to your Guests on how you expect them to behave before the show.

Entertainment Area/Preparation Area
You may be required to provide a room for the entertainer to change into his/her costume. If you are planning your entertainer to be a surprise, please let us know when booking. We will organise the performer to be in costume upon arrival.

Delicious Entertainment Strippers do not perform outdoor shows on grass! Our entertainers cannot be expected to perform on grass or dirty surfaces. You must provide a covered, clean area. ie. patios, pergolas, garages, and indoors are all okay.

You are required to pay your entertainer in CASH when he/she arrives and before the show commences.

All bookings require a non refundable deposit.

The GST component is based on the deposit and is not deductible from the performer on the commencement of the event.

Performer Selection
When you make a booking you acknowledge that Performer Selection is a preference only and is not a guarantee that you will see that particular Performer on the night. However, wherever possible we will send your Preferred Performer. Please do not ask us to Guarantee Particular Performers, it simply is not Possible. Performers schedules are subject to last minute changes to accommodate all booking.

Travel Fees
Travel Fees will be applied to areas outside of 25km from the centre of town. Estimated at $1 per kilometer to and from destination.