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PRICING – Topless Waitressing

Publicans Package Starting at $80 per hour This is for pubs/venues looking to hire girls for a special occasion or for on an on-going basis.We supply costume girls (your choice of cop, nurse, school girl, secretary or devil), bikini models, lingerie waitresses, promo girls, and topless waitresses/barmaids to your venue for a minimum 2 hour shift.

All girls are experienced in and available do table service, meat raffles, promotional work and bar work and hold current RSAs.

Private Parties Choose your favourite Delicious girl out of our Team to host your event. All prices quoted for a minimum 2 hour booking with the exception of our full priced G-String Topless Waitresses who can be booked for just 1hr if required.
Promo Girls Starting from $ 70 per hour
Lingerie Models Starting from $ 90 per hour
Topless Waitresses Starting from $ 120 per hour wearing a Mini Skirt or Hot Pants
Topless G-String Waitresses $ 150 for 1 hour.   $ 120 for 2 hours +
Nude Waitresses $ 225 per hour

Our girls are there to keep the atmosphere high and the fun rolling by getting involved in games and activities, making, pouring and serving cold drinks, helping serve food and anything else required to make your event as relaxed and fun as possible.


PRICING – Strip Shows

Naughty Knickers $400 (10-15mins)

Starting with a sexy costume our dancer will gradually strip down to just her g-string. Suitable for 18th or 21st Birthday parties, a mixed crowd, or if you will have elderly (i.e. grandparents) at your party. If you’re are after a show that is a little more reserved and a bit more on the fun side rather than the raunchy – this is the show for you.

Rudey Nudey – FULL NUDE Show $450 (15 mins)

Includes full nudity – but no open leg work. With seductive moves that are a little raunchier than the Naughty Knickers Show this one is great for a crowd wanting full nudity, but still wanting to keep the show a little more tame without full on explicit dance moves.

Raunchy Open Leg (Pink Bits) $550 (20 mins)

Our naughty showgirl will teasingly strip down fully nude, incorporating oils, creams, and ice into her show. This show is a raunchier version of the Full Nude as our showgirl seductively performs open leg movements in front of the crowd. Yes that’s right guys, PINK BITS!!
Romance Dance $450 (25mins)

This seductive show incorporates the use of champagne, strawberries, chocolates and whipped cream. Maybe some candle light as she drips the hot wax down her oiled up body. Heat raiser!!

Pearl Surprise $600 (25mins)

Pink Bits show including the use of some cheeky hidden treasure… a beautiful string of pearls… one guess where she may pull these from???

XXX Toy Show $650 (30 mins) $700 (45 mins)

This is the most popular show of all and includes the Buck or Birthday Boy. A very erotic and extremely explicit strip tease as the dancer uses vibrators and dildos to pleasure herself infront of the crowd and the buck.

Fruit & Veg $700 (30 mins) $750 (45 mins)

You’ll never look at fruit or vegeables the same ever again!

Fisting &/or Greek Show $850 (30 mins)

Need we say more??? **Subject to Availability**

Double Trouble $1200 (30mins)

Using dildos, vibrators, strap ons and double ender vibes, you will be able to sit and watch while our girls explore every inch of each others bodies as they touch, kiss and lick their way from their lips to their toes. These little devils will play, tease and taste each other for half an hour – right in front of you. This intensely intimate and highly erotic double act will have you the envy of your mates when they pull you up and rub their naked bodies all over yours. Hold on to your hats boys – this is one show you MUST see.
**Subject to Availability**